Cloud DAM vs Onsite: There is No Real Contest

Cloud vs. Onsite

Cloud vs. Onsite: Sometimes it’s tough to know which is the better place to be.

It seems that ever since the release of the Picturepark webinar, “DAM Shootout: Cloud vs. Onsite,” the number of online debates over which is the better option for DAM deployment have exploded. (Of course, it could also be that I’m paying more attention to the topic now.)

Here are a few examples:

  • The Widen blog recently released a short but cutting article that points out some of the hidden costs of DAM systems that require installed client software. Read that here.
  • WebDAM has offered its own take on the topic, condensing some serious topics into five primary points. has a wonderful assessment of that article, which you can read here.
  • Here’s another piece on the topic that DAM News has put into perspective for us. Originally written by Lorraine Wilson for IT Business Edge, this article actually offers some concerns about Cloud adoption in general.

Largely missing from the debate are the DAM vendors that offer only on-premise solutions. While it’s possible these companies haven’t yet mastered the Web to the point of being able to blog or otherwise communicate, I think it’s more likely that they just don’t know what to say to defend themselves against the powerful onslaught of a Cloud-leaning world. The fact is, there are increasingly fewer reasons to not consider Cloud when it comes to digital asset management. (In case anyone wonders, Picturepark doesn’t take sides because it offers both options.)

That said, this is a debate that shouldn’t be happening. Those new to DAM have many more important things to consider than Cloud vs. onsite. I tried to put that into perspective in a new article that CMSWire published today. “Cloud DAM vs Onsite: There is No Real Contest” aims to put to rest this ongoing debate or, at least, lend some guidance to those new to DAM so that they have a better sense of when the time is right to make such a decision.