Privacy vs. Personalization, Marketing Automation vs. You

Privacy and Marketing Automation

What are we trying to hide?

It might be time for us to relax a bit when it comes to privacy. We’re on the verge of legislating away everything we hold dear with regard to our personal digital devices. We want protections, yet we want convenience. We want anonymity, yet we have 17,314 Facebook friends we’ve never met. My article this month on CMSWire speaks to the effects of evolving legislation on burgeoning marketing automation.

I’m in the market for a new TV. I want a big one that’s easy to use. I have the money; I’m a qualified buyer. So why the hell do I have to do all the work shopping around to find the perfect set? Why isn’t some program somewhere finding exactly what I need? Of course, to make this happen, I would have to provide personal information about my preferences, viewing choices and budget. Some company would then get that info and—do what?—market to me? Isn’t that happening already? The only problem is that I’m being sold on products I don’t want to buy, while I  would kill for some useful information on TVs.

I hope you enjoy “Marketing Automation vs. You.”