God Help Me, I’m a DAM Geek!

God Help Me, I'm a DAM Geek

Will kids ever want to be us when they grow up?

A few weeks ago, CMSWire published an article I wrote in which I try to come to terms with the idea that DAM is apparently my thing these days, despite the fact that I still own all my old synthesizers and guitars, just in case this day-job thing doesn’t work out.

What really surprised me about this article was the reaction it got from people in all sectors of our industry. I think there are many of us who need a “DAM Coming Out” day in order to proclaim to the world that this is who we are and we’re not likely to start another band! Well, that might be just my take on it, but still.

You can read the DAM Geek story here.

After you’ve read it, report back here and we’ll schedule the first annual DAM Pride Parade. (It won’t be as popular or fun as a Gay Pride Parade, but I’ll bet it will be better organized.)