What Happens when Google Says No?

What Happens When Google Says No?

We train Google when we post content. Are we giving it a good education?

“The average number of tweets per day on Twitter surpassed 1 billion in 2013.”

Do you think this information about Twitter is worth sharing? It’s a pretty amazing number, and it would probably get a lot of re-shares. The problem, of course, is that it’s entirely false. But if enough people believed it to be true, and shared it across their social networks, in time, poor Google could be tricked into thinking this was fact. When someone searched for “how many tweets are sent each day?” the result could be what you see above.

My latest article for CMSWire speaks to the concern that by not paying careful attention to what we post and share online, we’re polluting the Web with garbage that’s becoming accepted as fact. Please read “What Happens when Google Says No” and let me know what you think.