A year’s worth of bitching and moaning

It's not easy always being cranky about DAM, but somebody has to do it!

It’s not easy always being cranky about the state of Digital Asset Management, but somebody has to do it!

CMSWire recently published my 13th article with them, marking a year since I started as a regular monthly contributor for them. Given the cranky tone of most of what I’ve written for them, it honestly surprises me when they ask for more each month. (It doesn’t surprise me that I never run out of things to complain about, though. After all, that’s why Canto fired me.)

So, with a nod of thanks to CMSWire for offering me a pretty high-visibility place to repeatedly tell the DAM industry to get off my lawn, I offer this list of those articles.

And for the record, I don’t bitch just for the fun of it. I want this industry to survive, and I don’t feel like enough people are pushing it in that direction. In fact, I think too many people are pushing DAM toward extinction simply because they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, yet they keep on talking.


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