DAM Guru Program Members Amaze Me

Digital Asset Management Help - DAM Guru Program

DAM Guru Program connects DAM professionals with others who need their help.

Throughout this month (October, 2013), DAM Guru Program is hosting a job fair to connect Digital Asset Management professionals (and those who would like to become DAM professionals) with employers.

That’s great, and if someone can get connected with a job before the holidays, it’s even better. But really surprises me about this is the caliper of individuals seeking new positions. Seriously, there is some amazing talent in there. People with 10 or more years’s experience, people who have worked with three or more DAM systems, people with library science backgrounds, DAM/IT experience and more. Lots of people with Xinet, MediaBeacon and Cumulus experience looking for new positions.

I’m really impressed by the varied backgrounds of DAM Guru Program’s members. It’s no secret that Picturepark sponsors DAM Guru Program or that I work for Picturepark. But I don’t manage the program, so I don’t see its daily operations.

New job profiles are being added almost daily, as more people hear about it. If you’re looking for a DAM job, employee or intern, check it out. It’s totally free for everyone on both sides of the employment contract. If you’re not in the market for a new employer of employee, please at least share this link with others in your social networks. It isn’t often we see a truly free and no-strings-attached resource for targeted job hunts.

See all the DAM professional job profiles: http://DAMGuru.com/mashup