DAMMY of the Year!

2013 DAMMY of the Year

I won the DAMMY, Bitches!

Imagine my confused delight while in Aarau, Switzerland, in the middle of the night, jet-lagged beyond my wildest imagination, I get word that I had won the 2013 DAMMY of the Year Award from Createasphere.

It all started a few weeks before that. My colleague, Ben Smidt, whom some of you will recognize as the manager of DAM Guru Program, asked me if Picturepark should enter anything into the DAMMY award competition. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the categories, but they’re pretty specific. And being one to take things at face value, I didn’t want to pretend we had something that fit when I knew we didn’t—that’s not the Picturepark way of doing things, and it’s not my way either. I told Ben that I didn’t think we had anything that was a good fit and we left it at that.

Fast-forward a few days and I get an email from Ben with a subject line that reads, “I hope you don’t think I’m sucking up.” Attached was the DAMMY nomination. I just sat there for a few minutes and stared at it. I couldn’t believe someone had done this for me. Further, I couldn’t believe the nice things Ben had written. I thanked him for the effort, but told him not to get his hopes up. (Then I think I thanked him a few more times.)

Createasphere told me that the judges picked me because of the contributions I’ve made to the DAM community, including DAM Survival Guide and DAM Guru Program. (Yes, DAM Guru Program was my idea, but Ben is the one who keeps it humming along so nicely, and Picturepark is the one who pays for it all to happen.) Anyway, these are exactly the sort of reasons I would want to win such a thing. Much better than being chosen because I was the most adorable person in DAM (duh) or that I’m getting to that age where I deserve a lifetime lack-of-achievement award (also duh).

A giant heartfelt thanks to Createasphere and the DAMMY judges. Between this and my time with Picturepark, it’s difficult for me to believe now that I wrote DAM Survival Guide with the intent of leaving the DAM industry after Canto fired me for being “too difficult to work with.” I would have missed out on DAM Guru Program, our killer DAM webinar series, being able to write for that wonderful Picturepark website, meeting my Swiss coworkers, homemade Swiss fondue, getting with deal with Hector again and, of course, working with Ben.

Thank you, Ben. Thank you, Picturepark. I might be too difficult to work with, but you are not.