Goodbye Ben

Ben Smidt

Ben Smidt

Just a few moments ago, I said goodbye to a Picturepark coworker whom I have enjoyed working with very much. Those of you who know Ben Smidt know what a good guy he is. During his time with Picturepark, he gave his all; I simply could not have asked for more.

On Monday, Ben starts up with another company that can offer him some opportunities that we could not offer. He leaves with our complete blessings and best wishes.

Ben, you were my partner-in-crime here at Picturepark. We did a lot of good things. We fought the machines and (usually) won. We conspired on what was possible and it often turned out better than we expected. From DSG to eDAM to the webinars to the website redesign to DAM Guru Program, #LearnDAM and that damned 7Steps in those “miserable” Kindle and ePUB formats. I think it’s safe to say that the combined efforts of every other DAM vendor marketing team on earth don’t begin to approach what we’ve done for the DAM community this past year.

Thank you for your tireless commitment to Picturepark. And for your dedication to always showing customers and the DAM community integrity and genuine concern for their interests and needs, even when it meant more work for us. Thank you also for surfing my “diva” moments with absolute and evergreen patience. Thank you most of all for the DAMMY. Had it not been for your nomination, I would not have it.

I hope you take with you one thing that we practiced as a team: Doing the right thing to the highest standard of quality is the only worthwhile goal—ever. And when that isn’t possible, we revise the plan; we don’t sacrifice the deliverable.

Thank you, my friend. It has been a pleasure.

– David