DAM Survival Guide Excerpt

The Digital Asset Management (DAM) industry includes millions of users, hundreds of software developers, countless blogs, scores of industry analysts, a handful of trade show promoters, a few dedicated foundations and, now, a book that aims to help you survive it all.

The fact is, when done right, DAM can help organizations save time and money, better leverage their investments in digital assets, and even avoid litigation. And when done wrong, DAM can cause production delays, destroy creative workflows, frustrate users, and ultimately cost millions.

DAM is so deeply integrated into core business processes today that most experts agree the best way to increase your chances of digital asset management success is to wrap DAM into a corporate initiative you design, manage, deploy and promote exactly as you would if you were a software developer releasing a new product.

And you know what? That’s exactly what you’ll become.

DAM Survival Guide takes you through the entire process. From knowing what you can be doing right now, early in your research, to knowing what you should be doing at every step of the way.

You’ll learn the basics of DAM. You’ll see examples of how DAM can be a benefit or a hindrance, and you’ll even read an entire chapter that tries to talk you out of pursuing digital asset management.

If after that you’re still convinced that DAM is for you, DAM Survival Guide will help you:

  • Know how to best determine your organization’s DAM needs.
  • Understand what you can reasonably expect from a DAM.
  • Cut through the marketing-speak you hear from DAM vendors.
  • Be ready and able to plan a DAM initiative that can succeed.

If you think that digital asset management is primarily about DAM software, you’re reading this book just in time.

My name is David Diamond. I first started working with digital asset management in 1998. In all the years since, I’ve seen DAM succeed and fail on hundreds of occasions. And while the reasons for success were varied, the reasons for failure were all too often similar.

I wrote DAM Survival Guide to help organizations avoid these common pitfalls. In particular, I speak to you, the person charged with making DAM work at your organization.

There’s a lot for you to know, and you probably don’t have a lot of time to learn it all. And if you feel like you have to approach this massive DAM topic without a lot of support, I’m hopeful you’ve just found the first friend you’ll need.

What’s the DAM Fuss?

If managing digital assets is such a great idea, why would there be so much concern over doing it successfully? Wouldn’t DAM be something all organizations and users would adopt with great enthusiasm?

In a word, no.

Digital asset management is like dental floss. With daily use, the long-term benefits are significant. DAM and flossing share another misfortune in that the full benefits they offer aren’t realized immediately. In fact, going through the motions of managing digital assets (digital flossing) is often inconvenient and tedious, at best.

Users hate things that are inconvenient and tedious, just like kids do.

The employees of an organization can be compared to kids. No matter how many times mom tries to explain why flossing is important, Xbox is always more fun. Even if the world’s coolest dentist was to explain how great the long-term benefits of flossing will be, Facebook offers benefits today.

People prefer instant gratification for their efforts.

I’ve even tried to explain to resistant users that DAM is a selfless act we do for the benefit of others. I explain that while we know where our files are, we need to organize and tag them so that others can find what they need.

But honestly, this Good Samaritan approach rarely works.

The best method I’ve seen for motivating naysayer (or lazy) DAM users is similar to the most effective parenting tactic I’ve ever seen: coercion and manipulation.

Enter the DAM initiative, and what you need to know about it.

— end —

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See the entire table of contents for DAM Survival Guide.


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