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Search #DAMTIP for…DAM tips!

I’ve extracted just under 900 digital asset management tips that appear throughout the book, and I’ve added some extra tips that didn’t fit within the scope of the book. I’ll start posting them on here and on the DAM Survival Guide Google+ page.

Find them here, on Google+ or via Google using #DAMTIP.

Book Cover

Book cover for digital asset management book, "DAM Survival Guide."

Book cover for digital asset management book, “DAM Survival Guide.”

The cover for DAM Survival Guide is done. I’m rounding up input from all the reviewers, and I expect to send the book to Amazon on Friday, June 1. Let’s make that the third week of June. I’m leaving for Switzerland for a week, and I could use a little extra time.

I want to take some space to thank my friend, Laurie Cook Wagner. She not only took the time to do a very helpful edit of the book, but she offered some wonderful guidance that I appreciate. Thank you, Laurie!


Coming Soon

The DAM Survival Guide eBook will be released in June, 2012. In the meantime, please follow this page for updates and announcements.

You can also check out the DAM Survival Guide’s table of contents to get an idea of what’s included.

Thank you for your interest and support!

– David