DAM Survival Guide Reviews

Digital Asset Management Vendors, Integrators, Analyst and Consultants be warned the DAM Survival Guide is packed full of insights, strategies and common sense guides for making DAM work for the end user. David Diamond, a seasoned DAM professional, shares his knowledge using wit, analogy, metaphor that cleaves the real meat on the bones of complexity that is Digital Asset Management. David nails it on every level: technology, human and insights. I would not hesitate in recommending DAM Survival Guide to anyone on or starting their DAM Journey. — Mark Davey, Founder, DAM Foundation

It’s practical, it’s pleasing, and it’s absolutely relevant for all those working in the DAM profession. And that is a DAM good thing. — John Horodyski, Principal, DAM Education; Lecturer, San Jose State University

If you are investing in DAM books to learn more about the subject, I can recommend this one. – Naresh Sarwan, Senior Editor, DigitalAssetManagementNews.org

After you’ve read DAM Survival Guide, when you negotiate with a DAM vendor or try to evaluate the value of a system for your business, you won’t have many blanks left for a vendor to fill in with marketing babble. It therefore is a book I warmly recommend. – Erik Vlietinck, Principle, IT Enquirer

From newbies to experienced digital asset managers, DAM Survival Guide provides enough information that you can access what you need when you need it. – Marisa Peacock, Journalist, CMS Wire

An easy-to-read book that is packed with knowledge, little-known insights and great practical advice that is hard to find anywhere else in one place. Extremely useful and highly recommendable for novices and for people working with DAM already! — Ramon Forster, CEO, Picturepark DAsM

Diamond’s writing style and personality keeps the reader engaged and entertained while delivering all the necessary dry components of building a DAM system. Read this book first, and then begin sifting through the rest of what is out there. I can’t recommend it enough. — Cherisse McCoy, Social Media Management & Sales Development, eyebase DAM

I sure wish I’d had this book years ago! There is no question that all newcomers to digital asset management should read this book as soon as possible. Jane Hart, Media Archivist, Rutgers University

Digital asset management now has an official bible. — Michael P. McHugh, Design Director, DigitalFusion

If you think DAM Survival Guide might help others you know, please consider sharing this page on your social networks using the buttons below. Thank you! – David

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