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Digital Asset Management Survival Guide author David Diamond

David Diamond

David Diamond has worked in the field of Digital Asset Management since 1998. His book, DAM Survival Guide, is considered by many industry gurus to be a must-read for those new to the field.

In 2013, Diamond created DAM Guru Program, now the world’s largest community of digital asset and content management professionals. In the same year, he was awarded the “DAMMY of the Year,” the industry’s highest honor, for his contributions to content management education.

Diamond has held senior management positions at Apple, Sony and the University of Southern California. He is an accomplished 3D illustrator and author for aviation audiences, and a licensed pilot.

Diamond co-founded, recorded and toured with the 80s band Berlin.

He lives in Truckee, California, from where he directs global community education and marketing for Swiss software maker, Picturepark.

Diamond’s content-related books, DAM Survival Guide and Metadata for Content Management, are available from Amazon. Diamond’s first book, Flight Training: Taking the Short Approach, is available in print from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers.

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  1. All I can say is when I was young I had a huge crush on David Diamond man did he turn out to be a hot handsome good-looking sexy bear. All I can say is “WooF”

    1. Though this commenter’s feelings and assessments are completely understandable and, dare I say obvious, this comment is completely unacceptable for a professional blog like this. I want everyone to know that if similar comments come in, I will approve and post those too, just as further examples of the type of comments that will not be tolerated here. People need to learn and I’m here to teach.

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