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About the Books

Metadata for Content Management explains taxonomy, metadata, policy and workflow design, as they pertain to the management of digital content—digital asset management, content management systems, enterprise content management, etc. The theory behind these topics is one thing; putting those theories to good use in content systems is another. The book is full of practical examples and advice that will help novice and experienced content managers better understand the importance of strategic metadata and system design that’s sustainable and makes content systems more enjoyable for users.

Metadata for Content Management is available in print on Amazon. Buy it now »

DAM Survival Guide offers a wealth of detailed information you can use to design, plan, deploy, promote and maintain a successful DAM initiative at your organization. Written in a friendly, easy-to-follow style, DAM Survival Guide is a valuable resource for those looking into digital asset management for the first time, or just looking to increase their knowledge of the art and science of DAM.

DAM Survival Guide is available on Amazon in print and Kindle editions. Buy it now »

Note: DAM Survival Guide mentions no DAM software solutions or vendors by name. The book’s contents are unbiased and applicable no matter which DAM solution you determine to be right for you.



  1. Great initiative David!
    Always thought that one day you would come up with something like this 😉

    I am looking forward to get a copy and I am convinced this will also help our customers and prospects to make the right decisions in their search to find a solution to deal with their ever growing amount of media, be it simply images or other rich media assets.
    It will also help us in keeping the right vision about DAM as such when supporting them in their quest and decisions.

    Thanks for your contribution to our exciting world!

    Kind regards

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